NGO Fundraising and Communications
'Good management is the foundation for the effective functioning of institutions and individuals. With today's focus on sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction this places particular demands on the service provider agencies.'

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Is this course for me?

The course is designed for managers and senior staff involved in developing fundraising strategies for small to medium sized organisations. The course method involves presentations, group tasks, discussion, role-play, and video and power point case studies of successful fundraising initiatives of development agencies from around the world.

What are the aims of the programme?

This intensive training programme aims to help you learn the essential elements of communication and succesful fundraising.

15th to 18th September 2008

How much can I achieve?

The course has a distinct international perspective and draws from experiences in Latin America, Central Asia and Europe. You will learn about the techniques used by leading charities and non-profit organisations to gain sustainable sources of long term funding.

The programme assesses the relative strengths and appropriateness of communication techniques: