Project Cycle Management
'Good management is the foundation for the effective functioning of institutions and individuals. With today's focus on sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction this places particular demands on the service provider agencies.'

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Is this course for me?

Participants join the course either as an introduction to project cycle management or as refresher for those who may have used some of the techniques - often a donor funding requirement - and who want to improve their competences and understanding of the overall project cycle management approach and process.

What are the aims of the programme?

We will present the tools and techniques (logical frameworks) of project cycle management as practiced by many of the donor agencies, NGOs and Government Departments. The course will be presented in the manner of a workshop, using materials from case studies. Participants will, in workshop conditions, learn the skills required to use all of the key techniques.

11th to 22nd August 2008

How much can I achieve?

By the end of the module you should be able to prepare a project, starting with the identification of the client, setting out the progress indicators, associated activity schedules and budgets. Some participants will feel confident to lead/facilitate a participatory project design either within their own programme or with partners and target populations.

The programme of lectures and case studies will present the issues and principles within the following framework: